Changing Dates on a Processed Leave Request

There are situations where you may need to change dates on an already processed Leave Request. If you have time records that have been included in a payrun (I.e. processed), but shouldn't have, then follow the instructions below to make adjustments. 

Steps to update fully processed Leave Request

  1. Navigate to the Leave Request in View mode
  2. Go to the Time tab
  3. For each of the the Time records for the days that shouldn't have been included
    1. Click Edit next to the Time record

    2. The Time record will open in a popup window
    3. Under the Actions menu, select Delete
    4. Close the pop up to return to the Leave Request
  4. Click Edit to edit the Leave Request
  5. Change the End Date as required
  6. Click Save
  7. Manually adjust any Leave History records as needed