1. Configuration Wizard

Go to Payroll Administration > Payroll Setup > Configuration Wizard

You must complete the configuration process every time you update a setting.  The process is complete when you receive a screen with all the steps given green ticks

The configuration process steps you through areas that are likely to be unique to your organisation. With few exceptions, all features and configuration choices can be activated any time after completion or going live with your payroll.

Ensure you have all relevant information with you before you start configuration.  This includes ABN and default Superannuation Fund.
Configuring Payroll Guide


Select the Add New checkbox if you are setting up Payroll for the first time.  Select Copy Configuration From  There are templates for Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and a generic template for you to use.  Once the configuration wizard is complete, a Config Default option will be available for selection. 

Select the Update Existing checkbox if you are changing the Payroll setup.  Select Update Configuration   Select Config Default.


In a OneWorld account you can select the subsidiary you want to configure.  You can choose to copy the configuration from another subsidiary you have set up previously.

Click on Next