Contact Support

Infinet Cloud support is provided online by sending an email to

What to Check Before Contacting Support

In many cases a recent change to payroll configuration, employee configuration or NetSuite configuration can trigger changes in behaviour. Before sending the email run through this checklist to help self diagnose the issue:

  • Review the system notes on employees to see whether a setting has been changed recently
  • If you have a NetSuite Administrator check with them as to whether any features have been enabled / disabled, or system records such as accounts, locations, department, classes have been updated.

What Information Should I Send?

There is no such thing as providing too much information when contacting support. Useful things to include are:

  • Screenshots of records that are involved with your query (for example if you have a query about an employee pay include screenshots of the employee payroll tab)

Tip: In many cases support won't have access to your account and will only be able to assist you based on the information you provide in your email. The more information initially the more effective we can be in resolving your issue.

Support Policy

For full details, please download our Support Policy document.

How To Take Screenshots

If you don't have a specialist piece of software for taking screenshots you can use the standard functionality available in your operating system.

Apple Mac

On a Mac the best way to take a screen shot is to hold down command-shift-4. This will bring up a cross-hair icon, you can use the mouse to drag over the area you wish to screenshot and let go. You will hear a camera shutter noise and a screenshot will be saved as a timestamped PNG file on the desktop.

Alternatively instead of dragging the mouse click the space bar, a camera icon will appear and you can click on the window you wish to capture.


For windows focus the window you wish to screenshot and click Alt+PrtScn. This will copy the screenshot to your clipboard and can be pasted into your email program.

Another way to capture a picture of part of the screen is to use the Windows Snipping Tool. To learn more, see Use Snipping Tool to capture screen shots.