pre-config - Security

All Payroll related fields and records have permissions applied to them.  Only an Administrator or Payroll Administrator should be able to see fields, view records or run reports  Contact immediately if you find any unsecure data.

DO NOT edit the “Payroll Administration” Tab. This is only available to Payroll Administrators.

A Payroll Centre tab is bundled into the “Classic Centre” for use by Administrators. You should ensure that this Tab is only available to the Administrator role as other users may also have access to the “Classic Centre”.

You can also assign the Tab to specific individuals rather than roles. We recommend doing this as it will ensure continuity of service due to the fact that when we push an update the “Payroll Tab” will be cleared from the Administrator role. You can re-add by following this procedure.
Configuring Payroll Guide

Centre Tabs

  1. Go to Customisation > Centers and Tabs > Center Tabs
  2. Click Edit for Payroll (Centre Type: Classic Center) and go to Audience Tab

  3. Deselect any roles 
  4. Select the specific employees that need to see and run payroll

  5. Click Save

Employee Group

To create a Payroll Documents Group, follow these steps:

  1. From the menu select Lists tab > Relationships > Groups > New
  2. Select "STATIC" as the group type and select "Employee" from the dropdown as the member type. Click Continue.
  3. Enter the Name field for this group e.g. "Payroll Documents Access Group"
  4. Add employees on the Members tab that need to be able to access the group. Access level defaults to "View" which is correct.
  5. Click Save. The Group is now created.

File Cabinet

You must create a folder to store employee Payslips, Bank files and Payment Summary PDF documents. Please make sure you've created a Payroll Documents Access Group prior to proceeding with the steps below.

  1. To create a new documents folder for Payroll. Go to Documents > Files > File Cabinet.  
  2. Click on New Folder.
  3. Enter "Payroll Documents" in the Name field.
  4. Restrict the folder by selecting "Payroll Documents Access Group" from the Group dropdown. If you do not already have a Payroll Documents Group then you can create it using the steps above.
  5. Make sure the Private checkbox is UN-checked.
  6. Click Save. The folder is now created.

Only create one root folder! Do not create multiple folders or any sub-folders.

Restricting by a Group means that only those that are members of the group will be able to download and access the information in this folder.