UK End of Year Guide

Welcome to the ICS UK End Of Year Guide. This guide breaks down each step required to complete your end of year obligations.

Due DateStepDescription
5th AprilPre - Finalise Payrun ActivityEnsure all FPS for payruns for the tax year have been submitted and completed
19th April1. Submit Employer Payment Summary (EPS)Ensure the Final EPS for the tax year has been submitted
31st May2. Employee P60 End Of Year CertificatesSummarise and Distribute the Employee P60 End Of Year Certificates
6th July3. UK EOY Expenses & Benefits P11d(b)Submit the P11D(b) and distribute the P11D forms to employees


Prior to completing any of the end of year steps you must ensure all payroll activity for the tax year has been completed and submitted. Please review the links below:

Once you have completed these steps you can proceed to the first step 1. Submit Employer Payment Summary (EPS)

UK End of Year Guide

Start of Year Process

Note The end of year process is independant of new tax year pay runs; if you have not completed the end of year process you can still initiate a payrun with a pay date in the new tax year as long as you have completed new tax year preperation