Pay Run is Stuck at Scheduled

Depending on the volume of data, there are certain stages of the Pay Run that may go to "Scheduled".  Those stages will most likely be at Initiate, Time Entry, Post Payslips & Pay Payslips.

Basically this means that your Pay Run has gone into a NetSuite queue for processing and the functions are running in the background which is a more efficient means of handling this particular process.  From time to time you may find that your Pay Run is not moving forward despite clicking the refresh button and appears to be "stuck" at one of these stages.  If this happens then you should always first check the NetSuite Scheduled Script Status in order to see where your Pay Run is sitting.

Accessing the Scheduled Script Status Page

To access the Scheduled Script Page you can type this into your Global Search bar as below

You will now see all scripts that are in the queue.  Ideally you want to see that your script is "Processing"  however if there are other scripts in the queue at the same time it may need to wait its turn.  If you are unsure after accessing this page as to the status of your Pay Run and if there is any issue then please take a screen shot of this page and send it to so that we can review and assist accordingly.