Correcting Leave Request Time Errors


An Error message has been received to advising that a leave request has been created in your account and this leave request has ERRORED.  Because of this error the time records have not been created which means that the leave request will NOT come into the applicable pay run to be processed.

To resolve this in your account please review and follow ALL the instructions below.
  1. Review the PR Leave Request Time Error report by selecting Payroll Admin > Leave Management > PR Leave Requests Time Error from the menu. This will show you which leave request the error relates to and any others.
  2. Now check the associated employee record and also that their leave approver are both still active in NetSuite. If either of these are inactive or terminated you will need to make them active again (see step 3 below), or assign an active leave approver.
    1. The error message we forwarded you will have included the Employees INTERNAL ID, the example screen shot below shows an Internal ID of 12345

  3. To check that the employee or leave approver is not inactive:
    1. On the Payroll tab, check the Payroll Employment Status field, if it is Terminated then change it to what it should be.
    2. On the Human Resources tab, check to see if a termination date has been set in error, if so remove it.
    3. On the System Info tab, check to see if the Inactive box has been ticked, if so untick it.
  4. Once you have found the error and corrected it, you will then need to edit the leave request and go to the Time tab (screenshot below), and 
    1. Untick the Time Error checkbox,
    2. Remove the Time Error message,
    3. Change the status of the leave request back to Requested, and 
    4. Then Save.  
  5. You can then edit the request again and make it approved which should then create the time correctly (you can check this on the time tab again after saving).