Payroll Menu Changes

If you have been redirected here from your payroll navigation its because you clicked on the message - - - Moved to "Australia (AU)" - - -. To find the moved link you need to look in the Australia Sub Option, or look in the moved navigation and links section in the below article.

In our latest 23.3.00 release the Payroll and Payroll Administration Navigation has been changed to support country specific navigation options. The following changes have been made:

  • Addition of new Country Specific Sub Navigation for Australia, Canada, New Zealand and United Kingdom

  • Links under Sub Navigation options; Manager Super Funds, Employee Reports, Super Reports, Tax Reports, Single Touch Payroll AU have been moved into the new navigation option Australia.

  • PAYG Summaries has been removed altogether, as they are no longer supported employee’s should be using MyGov and downloading their Income Statement directly

    Side by side top level changes are as follows:

Payroll Center Navigation (Payroll Roles)

Classic Center Navigation (Admin Role)




We will be making further changes to streamline and improve the navigation in future releases, the first of these will be the removal of the moved categories as you see in the future image above

The following table outlines the old sub navigation and link, and where to find the link in the new Australia sub navigation.

Old Navigation

Old Link

New Navigation

New Link

Old Navigation

Old Link

New Navigation

New Link

Employee Reports

PR-Employees with no TFN Results


Employee : No TFNs

PR-Employee Payroll Basics Review

Employee : Payroll Basics

PR-Employee Payroll Details

Employee : Payroll Details

Tax Reports

PR-FBT Return Results

FBT : Returns

PR-Employee FBT List Results

FBT : Employee List

PR-Reportable Employee FBT Results

FBT : Reportable Employees

Single Touch Payroll (AU)

Send Update Pay Event

STP : Send Update Pay Event


Review Employees

STP : Employees : Review


Pay Events

STP : Pay Events


Pay Runs Pending Submission

STP : Pay Runs Pending Submission


Payslip Details

STP : Payslip Details


Payslip Details - Expanded

STP : Payslip Details : Expanded


Payslip Details - Posting Info

STP : Payslip Details : Posting Info


Payslip Details - Allowances

STP : Payslip Details : Allowances


Payslip Details - ETPs

STP : Payslip Details : ETPs

Super Reports

PR-Super Reconciliation Payslip Detail Search Results

Super : Reconcile Payslip Details

PR-Employees below Super Threshhold (Last Fiscal Quarter) Results

Super : Employees Below Super Threshold : Last Quarter

PR-Monthly Super Detail: This Month Results

Super : Detail : This Month

PR-Quarterly Super Detail: Last Quarter Results

Super : Detail : Last Quarter

PR-Quarterly Super Detail: This Quarter Results

Super : Detail : This Quarter

PR-Super Summary Results

Super : Summary

PR-Monthly Super Summary: Last Month Results

Super : Summary : Last Month

PR-Monthly Super Summary: This Month Results

Super : Summary : This Month

PR-Quarterly Super Summary: Last Quarter Results

Super : Summary : Last Quarter

PR-Quarterly Super Summary: This Quarter Results

Super : Summary : This Quarter

Payroll Remittance

Super : Payroll Remittance

Tax Reports

PR-Payroll Tax Data Search Results

Tax : Payroll Tax Data

PR-Payroll Tax Data Search (Last Month) Results

Tax : Payroll Tax Data : Last Month

PR-Payroll Tax Data Search (Last Quarter) Results

Tax : Payroll Tax Data : Last Quarter

PR-Taxable Wages by State (Last Month) Results

Tax : Taxable Wages by State : Last Month

PR-Taxable Wages by State (Last Fiscal Quarter) Results

Tax : Taxable Wages by State : Last Quarter

PR-Taxable State Salary/Wages Summary Results

Tax : Taxable State Salary/Wages Summary

TFN Declaration

Tax : TFN Declaration

TFN Declaration Submission

Tax : TFN Declaration Submission

PR-Working Holiday Maker Taxable Income Totals Results

Tax : Working Holiday Maker (WHM) Taxable Totals

Single Touch Payroll (AU)

Branch Setup Assistant

- Setup : STP : Branch Setup Assistant

Manage Super Funds

Employee Super Fund Records

- Setup : Super : Employee Super Funds

Super Fund (Product List)

- Setup : Super : Funds (Product List)

Super Fund Vendors

- Setup : Super : Fund Vendors

Payroll Vendors

- Setup : Super : Payroll Vendors