Delete Deprecated Scripts


As we release updates to Infinet Cloud Payroll on a regular basis, often scripts will be replaced with newer versions. Unfortunately there are scenarios where these old (deprecated) scripts are not correctly removed by NetSuite’s bundle update process. This issue, usually presents itself as “infinet” is not defined error as per the screenshot below.

If you receive the above error or have been linked to this article by Support then you will need to delete the scripts manually. Please follow the instructions below.

How to delete a script

  1. Log into NetSuite as an Administrator or Payroll Administrator - Unlocked.

  2. Go to the Scripts page, via:

    1. The menu, select Customization > Scripts > Scripts

    2. Global search, enter Page: Scripts and select the result

  3. Expand the FILTERS section and set everything as per the screenshot below.


  4. Using the browser’s find command (ctrl + F, or cmd + F), search for a Script ID (e.g. customscript_pr_cs_payslip_approval).

  5. Click the Edit link for the relative Script


  6. From the Actions menu, select Delete


  7. Confirm deletion by clicking OK in the popup.

  8. Repeat for every script listed below


List of Scripts to delete

The following Scripts should not exist in your account, if they do then please use the instructions above to delete.

  • customscript_pr_cs_payslip_approval

  • customscript_payroll_payslip_approval

  • customscript_pr_cs_one_off

  • customscript_pr_cs_superfund

  • customscript_pr_cs_recalculate_payslip

  • customscript_pr_sch_rollback

  • customscript_pr_sl_roll_back

  • customscript_sl_pr_employeeassistant

  • customscript_sl_getlicense

  • customscript_pr_sl_one_off

  • customscript_pr_sl_employee_leaveimport

  • customscript_pr_help

  • customscript_pr_ss_vendor

  • customscript_pr_ss_employee_buttons

  • customscript_pr_ss_basic_time_sheet

  • customscript_pr_ss_emp_bank_account_all

  • customscript_pr_cs_rollback

  • customscript_pr_cs_payslip

  • customscript_pr_cs_popup

  • customscript_pr_sl_popup

  • customscript_pr_ss_employee_super

  • customscript_pr_ss_help

  • customscript_pr_payrun_user_event

  • customscript_payroll_payslip_user_event

  • customscript_pr_ss_leave_history

  • customscript_pr_sl_recalculate_payslip