Enabling STP v2 for the 22/23 Tax Year

Finalise 21/22 Tax Period Before Proceeding

You must ensure you have finalised the 21/22 tax period prior to enabling STP v2.

To enable STP v2 you must do the following for each Company Branch you have setup in Infinet Cloud Payroll:

  1. Run the Branch Setup Assistant - from the menu select Payroll > Single Touch Payroll (AU) > Branch Setup Assistant

  2. Select the Branch you wish to enable

  3. Click Next > through to step 4. Configure STP Options

  4. Mark the following checkboxes as appropriate:

  5. Use Production Servers - this should already be marked

    1. Use V2 Reporting - mark this to enable version/phase 2 reporting. Once enabled and you have reported then you cannot switch back to v1.

    2. Report Child Support Amounts - mark this to enable the reporting of Child Support deductions and/or garnishee amounts via STP v2. This reduces the need to send a separate remittance advice to the Child Support Registrar. For more information please see: Employer Reporting Guidelines

    3. Working Holiday Maker Registered - mark this if this branch is registered as an employer of Working Holiday Makers. For more information, see Employer registration for Working Holiday Makers

    4. Remove Accents From Names - mark this to automatically remove any accents from employee names when generating STP Pay Events. For example, an employee with the name Désirée will be changed to Desiree to ensure validation doesn’t fail.


  6. Click Next >

  7. On the Review Allowance Types step, go through the list of Allowance Types listed and make sure the STP v2 Type Code and STP v2 Other Description are set (if applicable). For more information please see STP v2 Allowance Types.

  8. Click Next > through to the Confirm & Save step

  9. Click Finish to complete setup and save the changes

  10. Repeat the above steps for all other Branches you would like to enable STP v2 to for.