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Prior to starting a payrun with a pay date in the new tax year you must complete the following:

  • Ensuring Tax and Accounting Periods are setup for the new tax year
  • Uplift Employees Tax Codes and apply any P9 notifications


As long as you have completed all pay runs in the previous tax year you can prepare the new tax year prior to completing the UK End of Year Guide

Setup Tax and Accounting Periods

To setup the NetSuite accounting periods and tax periods for the new tax period review the Setting Up New Tax Year instructions.

titleUplift for 17/18 Tax Year

For the 21/22 Tax year the new default tax code is 1257L and the uplift is as follows:

Tax CodeUplift
Ladd 7
Madd 8
Nadd 6

Tax Code Uplift

Tax codes that contain a personal allowance may be uplifted at the start of the new tax year to reflect changes in the new tax year personal allowance. For the 21/22 Tax year the standard personal allowances has increased by 7 points to 1257L, this means an employee on 1250L last year should be "uplifted" to 1257L, an employee on 900L would become 907L.

titleP9 Notification

If you receive a P9 Notification from the HMRC this overrides any uplift change.

Tax Code Uplift Tool

To simplify the uplift process ICS provides a user interface to allow employees to be updated in bulk. The tool displays a list of employees, auto selecting those eligible for uplift.


If you have configured HMRC DPS P9 Notifications for employees will now be picked up by the Tax Code Uplift Tool, you will need to check these after running this process to ensure all have been picked up correctly. If you have not got the HMRC DPS configured please follow these instructions to do this prior to running this process. 

The uplift logic works by comparing the tax code from the last payslip (linked on the employee) from the prior tax year, and the tax code on the employee record. The uplift will automatically check the employee for update if:

  • W1/M1 is set - it will be cleared for the new tax year
  • If the tax code from the prior payslip is eligible for uplift and applying uplift to the tax code is different to the employee record tax code

Running Tax Code Uplift Tool

  1. Navigate to Payroll Administration > UK Reports > RTI Manager
  2. Select the Subsidiary you need to run the uplift on.
  3. Click "Tax Code Uplift"
  4. On the uplift page you will see that the system will automatically assign whether or not someone needs an uplift or a W1/M1 flag removed and only tick those to be uplifted. The page will show you their current tax code, the last tax code used, if there is a coding notice that overrides uplift, the message (the action that is occurring) and what the tax code will be.
  5. You can override this if you believe necessary by ticking the employee and entering a tax code into the "Update Tax Code" field.
  6. Click "Update"